Ring Pillows/Holders


Wedding bands are for sure the most symbolic part of any wedding ceremony. They symbolize the new bond between the bride and groom and their love and commitment to each other. Which is why they must be handled with extreme care; herein lies the purpose of the ring bearer cushion. Its tradition is dated back to the ancient Egyptians when presenting jewels at a wedding ceremony was expected. The ribbon attached to the ring bearer cushion is another symbol, it materializes the vow of love a couple makes to one another. The ring bearer is traditionally a child aged 4 to 6 years, though some couples ask one of their groomsmen or bridesmaids to carry their rings for a more secure and risk-free ceremony. Whatever your choice may be, you will be sure to find a suitable cushion to match their attire. The ring pillow is used for a little while during the ceremony but can be kept for ages. If used as a first pillow under a new baby’s head, it is said to bring a bright future to the child.


Check our ring bearer cushions for the very best and unique styles. Outfit your ring bearer with an elegant cushion from our collection let the air be filled during your wedding ceremony. We have decorative ring cushions with charms, pendants, embossed ribbons, satin ribbons, lace and rhinestone embellishments.

If your wedding theme is simple and classic, pick one of our satin cushions with subtle embellishments of lace and ribbons. Want more sparkle? Choose a cushion adorned with pearls and crystals. A cushion with embroidered patterns will remind you of the weddings of yester years. For a regal touch to the wedding, choose a velvet cushion adorned with a silk and lace. An organza flower on that jacquard cushion would complete that bohemian styled theme. Go for our navy-blue pillow wrapped with a satin ribbon to give a solid touch. Or why not a pink rose stitched on a blush pink pillow for a blush pink wedding theme?

We cater to all sorts of themes and styles. Our collection includes a versatile range of fabrics, textures and designs. Explore our full collection and find the piece that will help your ring bearer and rings stand out.  Designed with the utmost care, make our ring bearer cushion your heirloom and cherish it for years to come.