Party Dresses


Most of the fun of attending a party or a formal event lies in getting ready for it. Whether you want to become the star of the party or dress to have fun, we have something for you. Our collection of party clothes is extensive and unique. You’ll find the best dresses here which you’d want to take out of your closet every now and then. They’ll make you look and feel fabulous.


Need a little inspiration? Don’t worry we have your back. At Jasmaira our main focus is YOU!

  • First off is the classic black. For days when you’re unsure about what to wear, just deck yourself in a black outfit and go out for stress-free evening. Choose from one of our pretty black dresses and play it safe wearing black. They go with all sorts of events and are easy to accessorize with.
  • Feeling cute? Try one of our short-hemmed dresses with a full, wide skirt. They’re the best style for a fun and flirty look. Pair them with a pair of strappy, high-heeled sandals and rock that party.
  • Shop for a mid length dress from our variety of dresses, you can wear them at all sorts of occasions.
  • For summer go for bright, floral designs and pop out at any event.
  • Stock up on a darker colored dress for winter parties.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk and change up your style. It can be more rewarding than you think.


Our model at Jasmaira is to ensure that you are always dressed in the most up-to-date of fashions. If you are a true fashionista you won’t be able to resist our collection of dresses for the upcoming trends. We have all the hottest cuts and colors. We are well aware that every body type is unique and should be dressed accordingly. You’re all beautiful and have every right to feel gorgeous. Shop from us and let your inner beauty known through the selection of your clothes.

Express yourself through the color of your dress. Choose a bright pink for a fun and free look. Take your pick from our selection of blues and greens for a more sophisticated look. Go with a pastel color and a sleeveless, off-shoulder dress for a day party and sip your choice of wine in style.