No matter the occasion, necklaces take center stage in all styles, types, shapes and colors. It can be a simple one for a minimalistic style or layered ones. This season is all about layering, not just with clothes but accessories too, from bracelets and rings to necklaces. You can try layering delicate chains or try your hand at stacking chunky styles. There’s a look for every for everybody. Browse through our collection to inspire you towards the latest trends. Some of the styles we stock include; chokers, chains, bib necklaces, string necklaces, princess necklaces and many more.


Statement necklaces have become quite the thing this past season and it looks like they might be here to stay. If you plan to buy and wear one you should make certain that you get a pair of studs to go with it. They only become the focal point of the outfit if all other accessories are kept to a minimum. If you are stacking your chains, avoid stacking up on rings. If there is too much going on, your desired look can go south pretty quickly.

The best way to showcase one’s inherent style and personality is by adding jewellery to one’s outfit. One of the ways to go about it is by choosing to wear a statement necklace. It can change your look into seconds and will turn you into a diva.

Multi-layered necklaces look great for a casual hangout. They work best with a V-neck or an open collared shirt. This look is designed to make you look bold, cool and chic. You can add a colorful necklace if you want to enhance a light-colored outfit. It will brighten up your whole look and turn your day more cheerful. On the other end if you plan to wear a colorful outfit, select a monochrome necklace to go with it. They look great with colorful outfits and can be worn throughout the year. Shop our feminine and chic necklaces for a spectacular look that can be added to any one of your basic outfit.


Browse through our collection and shop for pieces that will inspire you to create endless styles with clothes you have present in your closet. Loads of girls doubt the possibility of wearing a necklace with most clothes, but there is always a piece out there that will suit your styling needs. Find it right here at Jasmaira!