Clutch Bags


All women know the importance of a good bag, it can be used to stow away all your necessities. For everyday wear, we might use the same bag but an evening out, a formal occasion or a wedding requires something more special, herein comes clutches. They make the best companion for any event. Like all other accessories they play a key role in your outfit. The right party clutch will not only compliment your dress but will also elevate your entire look making you look and feel ever the more gorgeous.


Fashion can only be used effectively if the latest trends are being followed. Following them alone won’t help you stand but adding subtle changes will help you take center stage at any gathering. A lot of women out there are willing to spend a lot of money on bags, every season getting new ones trying to stay on top, but a more practical approach of things is to buy bags that are more versatile and can be used more than once.

When it comes to colors, metallic clutches are a keeper. They are a must in any closet and are a lifesaver as they can be paired with a versatile range of dresses. We have them in bronze, gold and silver, simple ones and those studded with pearls and other embellishments.

Add a little sophistication and glamour to your look by carrying a bejeweled or velvet clutch. Or for a more bohemian inspired look shop a bow or a tassel clutch from our collection.


Clutches like all other accessories not only elevate your look but they are also very practical and convenient at formal events. Use them to carry your lipstick, keys, cash and phone wherever you go. They might not be hands free but they are still very fashionable.

Some of the must have clutches you need include cotton, leather, jute and metal ones. Some of the styles we have include; envelop clutches, box clutches, ones with gold chains or silver rings, foldable and sphere clutches.  We have them stocked following all the ongoing trends and fashion. Look through our collection and find one that will match your style and speak out to you. Here at Jasmaira there is something for all personalities and occasions. Just be sure to choose one that does not make you look too minimal or excess.