Champagne Glasses


A whole lot of traditions and customs are associated with the wedding ceremony, but one that has stuck through centuries and continues is that of toasting the bride and groom with champagne. It is said that this tradition is dated back to the 6th century and was started by the Greeks who called raised their glasses to ask their Gods to bless the happy couple with health and happiness. Wine is used to signify life, vitality, love and plentiful life. For any important event or occasion, champagne is used and what could be more special than that of the joining of two lives.

The big debate about the best suitable champagne glass for any occasion including weddings continues. The most common styles are flute, coupe or tulip? These three different glass styles are all made to enjoy Champagne, yet they are significantly different in shape. The shape of a glass can significantly alter the taste experience of your drink, so when it comes to a luxury like Champagne, you want to make the right choice for the best experience!

If the theme is a classic 20’s or 30’s, you might want the Coupe style which is wide at the top and shallow bottom. It reminds of the extravagance of the 20’s era. For the more modern themes, the Flute shape is ideal as it is easy to carry without spilling and keeps the bubbles and aromas safe and lasts long. The wide bottomed, narrow aperture Tulip shaped glasses are your choice when you are in no mood of saving on champagne and let it flow freely!! 


The most used champagne glasses are those which are long and slender, they enhance the sparkling wine and look extremely elegant. Jasmaira offers a vast collection of champagne glasses. A personalized set of bride and groom champagne not only looks good during the ‘toast’ but can also be used to celebrate special occasions throughout your married life.

We have champagne glasses that will compliment any themes, from traditional long stemmed flutes to more modern ones; there is something that will suit your needs perfectly. They are a great choice as a wedding gift to the couple. It will add a regal touch to their wedding and will be a welcome gift by the couple.

Our assortment of champagne glasses includes everything from simple classic ones to more glittery ones. Many of our sets are etched with a Mr. & Mrs. For an added flair of sophistication. Our options are will suit any personality and will become a cherished keepsake for a lifetime. Browse through our exquisite collection of wedding champagne glasses now and find a pair you’re sure to fall in love with.