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Bridal Jewellery


For bride jewellery is a crucial element of her ensemble, it completes the whole look and showcases her personality alongside it. Thus, it cannot be bought on a whim on a shopping spree. It needs careful thought and contemplation. You need to visualize your entire look before you commit to a piece. The best way to do so is to shop for jewellery online. We here at Jasmaira offer you a unique and versatile selection of bridal jewellery that would match your style and go well with the choice of your dress.


Spending on accessories to walk down the aisle is quite an investment. Some brides feel that it is more fashion-forward to wear something new than something borrowed. While for others finding something that would tie their heirlooms with their dress is quite the challenge. Whichever your case maybe we have got you covered with our vast range of jewels. We have the bridal jewels to covet this season from the latest cuts, tones and textures.

Choose a bold baguette if your style is trendier than others, once it was only used to show case a huge cut stone, but now it is part of the new rave as it gives off a more modern and cleaner look.

If you’re looking for brighter color pieces, try out enamel colored necklaces, they can easily make the transition from your wedding day to your everyday looks. They are best suited for the bride who prefers a more bohemian look.

For a modern bride, clean, sleek lines like geometric gems are recommended. They work well to enhance your best features and are the perfect addition to a simple, minimalistic wedding gown.

For the more traditional bride, pearls are and always will be the best fit. They are timeless and will be worn long after your special day. Choose them from our range of pearl inspired jewellery.

Green baubles get the most compliments and look good with most dresses from traditional to sleek. Invest in some pastels if you want your dress to take center stage. They will warm up and highlight your dress.

Understanding the perfect balance between accessorizing your bridal wear is the way towards creating that perfect bridal look. It should complement your dress, not overpower. At times it’s about that one stellar piece that binds together everything and gives off an elegant air. Find the bauble that best fits your style and dress here at Jasmaira.