Bridal Gloves


Nothing speaks grace and elegance than a pair of gloves to match your bridal dress. Not only will it glam up your ensemble but will also add quintessence to your whole look. Stack bracelets over them or keep it simple, they look stunning on their own. Once gloves were a staple at any wedding, now they have become a personal choice; used to add a personal flair to the wedding ceremony.


Find a pair of gloves that reflect your style and go with your dress. The rule for selecting the right pair is; the longer the sleeves, the shorter the gloves and the shorter the sleeves the longer the gloves.

Go for a pair of over the elbow, plain, wrinkled satin gloves if you plan to go full traditional and select a dress without sleeves. They look classic and are a forever favorite.

Lace gloves are the most sought after, they look good with almost all types of bridal dresses and therefore are usually the first choice of most brides. Try lace gloves embellished with pearls and sequins for a little subtle sparkle.

Our collection carries full and fingerless gloves, with bows, ruffles, appliqué, beading and pearls. Pick a pair that goes best with your dress and add a little delicacy to your ensemble.

Fingerless gloves are a winner when it comes to a hassle free exchange of rings. They won’t glitch your wedding at any point and still will manage to make you look prim and proper.

If you are opting for a more minimal, modern style and want to forgo the long gowns; try one of our shorter gloves that end just around the wrist and still manage to make you look elegant. We have them in different colors and styles to match your selection of dress.

For a fairytale inspired look, shop a long pair of beaded gloves that look best with a strapless, full length dress and would give your ceremony an aura of magic.


Bridal gloves are not a compulsion or a norm at any wedding; they are a reflection of your personal style. You can include them in your attire no matter what theme you are opting for. Satin or silk, lace or appliqué, simple or embellished, long or short; no matter which option you select, we are sure that you will look spectacular.