Bridal Bouquets


Carry a bouquet that is handmade and designed with extreme care. Get matching ones for your bridesmaids too so your whole bridal party looks divine and beautifully coordinated. We have in store for you the best of materials and arrangements. Keep your wedding day hassle free with our faux bridal bouquets. These bouquets will last you a lifetime and will look as beautiful on your 35th anniversary as they did on your big day.


Our intricately made bouquets will make your wedding morning go smoothly; these can be delivered ahead of time stored in boxes. They are more durable and look just as pretty as a bouquet of fresh flowers. Our collection features simply styled bouquets of roses, lilies, thistles and peonies. For the brides who have a flair in style, Jasmaira offers an assortment of embellished bridal bouquets.

Our bouquets are perfect if you are planning a destination wedding. We deliver them packed in boxes which can easily be stored into a suitcase and flown with you.

At Jasmaira we make these bouquets using the highest quality fabrics and the best dyes, this frees you from worrying about staining your bridal dress. Shop from Jasmaira and enjoy your ceremony without any worries!

Our bouquets are a life saver for brides who have a pollen allergy. They can be used in any season and weather and look just like the real thing.

These bouquets help you keep your budget in check without having to compromise on your style. They won’t wilt and are forever. Why keep just a petal as a keepsake when you can keep the whole thing.


We put extreme care and thought towards designing our bouquets, our attention to detail is unparalleled. Our collection offers bouquets that would look perfect from any angle will be sure to do justice to your wedding ensemble. At Jasmaira we use the best techniques and materials; we do not cut any corners when it comes to the making of these bouquets as we want to design and construct the best for you.

Our bouquet styles include cascading bouquets, round bouquets and tear drop bouquets. Shop our collection to discover the bouquet that best suits your needs and meets your theme and style. If your floral vision tends to fall in the more expensive category, faux bouquets will make your vision a reality without surpassing your wedding budget.