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Anklets have been a hallmark of femininity and beautifying feet in many cultures and civilizations. The oldest existence of anklets was traced back to 4500 years ago in Sumerian tombs of Mesopotamia, the ‘Cradle of Civilization’. The Eastern Cultures have been using it since archaic times, while the Western Culture adopted it just 200 years ago.

Anklets symbolize the love a man has for his woman. Intricate and expensive anklets made from gold and precious stones are an important item worn by brides at weddings today. Metallic ones with cute jingles and trinkets are a part of everyday wear by young and teenage girls. Not only do they look fashionable, but they also create an ultra-sensual vibe. They can be made out of various materials (gold, silver, leather, plastic, nylon, beads, and shells) and in a focal point of mixing and matching procedures.

In the modern day, it is used in several themes and occasions. It can be a casual stroll to the market in a skirt and sandals, attending college on a spring sunny day in pumps, attending the concert in a mini dress with sandals, or walking the beach in bikini and flip flops. Anklets will always add a sensual touch and care-free feel to your overall look!


If it’s your own wedding or just attending a family or friends’ wedding, the right anklet will blend you in the romantic atmosphere around you! The dual-chain gold anklet on the bride’s feet might cause the groom to fall ‘head over heels’ all over again!!!

At Jasmaira, with our wide range of anklet designs and variety of materials, we’re sure to give you an anklet that is just right for your occasion.

Shop our collection for a simple, elegant anklet for everyday wear. Whatever your choice of outfit may be, our anklets will make you all the more sensual.

For a more mature look, choose a golden anklet whereas silver or beaded anklets give off a more carefree air. Nowadays anklets with charms have become quite popular, they come in a variety of styles. The charms help to emphasize your personality.

Anklets can breathe new life to any outfit in your wardrobe that bares the ankles. They look good with shorts, skirts, dresses and cropped pants. Anklets are the perfect accessory to wear during the summer months. Browse through our collection right now and find the perfect style that compliments your personality.