Bridal Accessories


No bridal look is complete without the right pair of accessories. At Jasmaira you will find a wide range of bridal accessories including; Bridal bouquets, bridal gloves, veils, champagne glasses and ring holders. Our visual merchandisers curate nothing but the best for you. Find the right accessory to match your look and take your bridal look to the next level.


Faux bouquets are affordable, hassle free and will last you a lifetime. Our bouquets are handmade using the best materials and keeping the most classic of styles in mind. Carry them down the aisle without having to worry about staining your bridal dress. They look as good as the real ones but pollen free and thus, are perfect for brides with any pollen allergies. We have them in silk and satin and varied colors to go with any style and theme.


Bridal gloves are part of an age-old tradition and worn by both the traditional and modern bride. They add an air of elegance and grace to your bridal ensemble. You can wear them long or short depending on the length of your sleeve. We have full gloves and fingerless ones too. Simple satin or adorned lace gloves, whatever your preference maybe, you’ll find something that will match your dress the best.


Veils were once a staple at any wedding, they were worn out of respect for old customs and traditions. To ward off evil, to add an air of mystery for those grooms who had never met their brides; these days some brides wear it to carry on that tradition while others use them to showcase their personality. Our collection of veils includes; long cathedral veils, waist length, fingertip, birdcage, with or without blusher. At Jasmaira you’ll find simple veils, slightly adorned ones and veils with embroidered edges.


The champagne wedding toast custom can be traced back to the 6th century when the Greeks used to toast their Gods to ask for good health for the bride and groom. The toast is an important part of the wedding ceremony and hence needs the perfect pair of champagne glasses. You can choose one from our versatile collection.


Your ring bearer will love to walk down the aisle holding a cushion from our selection. We have them stocked in different colors and styles. Pick one that matches your theme and add a magical touch to your ceremony.