What Is The Current Trend In The Everyday Women’s Fashion?

What Is The Current Trend In The Everyday Women’s Fashion?

Feb 20 2020

Change is the only ‘stable’ aspect of fashion trends every season. If you consider a certain fashion statement to stay over, you probably are highly mistaken as the trends simply ‘fly-by’. However, style is permanent, private and individual to a person. You could be a ‘slave’ to the changing fashion, but it is the style that is personal to you always. While the trendsetters might focus a lot on the ‘Bridal wear’ or the ‘couture’, but it is the everyday fashion that requires just as much, if not more of an importance. So, what is the current fashion trends that define the ‘everyday’ wear for women? Let us take a sneak-peak into the ‘fashion closet’ and find out more.

The Tropical Print

Yes, they are everywhere and in all sizes. One can easily spot the florals on the dresses, tops, skirts, shirts, stoles and even the shoes. These make for a cool and breezy look which gives some huge Hawaiian-vibes. These tropical florals are usually in pastels and the shades of the Pink-palette over a white, beige or an off-white background which makes them ‘pop’ out. 

All That Glitters is Gold

As the Glitter is dominating the runway, they have made a huge impact over the party scene. Now, you can wear enough glitter in colors like Red, Royal Blue, Electric Blue, Forest Green, Shocking Pink. Also, the bling over the Nude dress is a huge trend and can be worn to your next party. Check out the ‘Deep V Neck long glitter dress’ available at Jasmaira which is perfect for a cocktail or a wedding or any such event. Also, the party dresses available at the website are worth a steal as they flatter all body types, shapes and skin tones as well. Also, the website has a dedicated section for the Plus size dresses, which will make all big girls happy big time. These are just as good with trends like the Glitter dress, the Sequence dress worth a look. 

The Party Girl

Jasmaira is a treasure house for some of the best in the prom dress collection. The current party trend for women is all about making the right statement. This calls for the long gown, the mini dress, the sweetheart necks and a lot of ‘drama’ into the entire look. Speaking of drama, the ‘trails’ are back in and you can spot them on your favorite celebrity at the latest events. As stated earlier, the current fashion is all about the return of drama, so grab your latest trial dress form the wonderful options available at Jasmaira. 

The Right Highlight

The right highlight shades are back in trend and are all over the dress, shoes and even the makeup. These are shades of Neon on dresses, bags, nails, and shoes. The current favorite happens to be the Neon green and the neon yellow shade which can be seen on women’s tops, shoes and even the statement eyeshadow makeup trend. If you are one of those girls who are bold and wish to make their arrivals and departures at a party memorable, why not shock them with a bright Green Neon highlight maxi dress? This looks lovely, breezy, young and cool at the same time. As the frills and Victorian sleeves are also making a comeback, it is time to borrow a few great pieces from your mother’s or grand mother’s closet and trend them around. 

The Foot works

Boots are in and much loved any day either way. However, the latest trend is all about wearing your favorite boots in shades of Black, Brown, and Tan under your flowy skirts, long maxi dress and over your pants. As for the sandals, you the peep-toes sandals are back and you have some of the prettiest pieces available at our store. These could be single, double or strappy all the way to give a statement to your feet. Also, as we are talking bling, grab a pair from the website which is ready to be slipped on with your latest evening wear. Talking about statement, the very cool ‘square-toed heel’ are much in demand and can be seen on the streets.

The Arm Candy

As the clutch bags are much loved for all the right reasons, these are best as casual wear or the party pieces. You simply have to pick out the perfect clutch with your outfit and you are good to go. At Jasmaira you can choose from the ‘Embellished clutch bag’, the unique ‘marble style pattern clutch’, or the Diamante envelope style clutch. If you are out for a casual lunch with the girls, go for the solid colored clutch bags that are in contrast to your outfit. Also, the ‘bucket’ bag is much in trend now, as these are just as comfortable, cool and stylish. 

The Bling Factor

Women earrings collection at jasmira.co.uk are some of the best, coolest and much I trend. Select from the fashionable ‘drop’ earrings, the unique crystal earring, or the classic studs, if that suits your personal style. As the trends today are more daring, you could go for the ‘ear cuffs’ or the trendy ‘mismatched’ earring fashion which looks lovely all the same. However, 2020 is all about the return of the past and it is the 80’s for the earring trends. For a statement, a trendy neck-piece can do all the talking as well. These call for the ‘chain-inspired’ necklaces which are worn close to your neck. Also, large chunky pieces with various colored stones also make for the right notes. The necklace collection available at our store is something to seize as these are perfect for the evening wear with your party gown or to make the simple dress stand out.

Few final Words

Trends and fashions keep changing, but it is always your personal style which makes or breaks a look. So, when shopping for the latest in women fashion go for the latest in fashion, but be sure to style them up sensibly and never go over the top with anything.